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About myself

hagyományos kályha

About what I do…

30 years ago I  started off as a sculptor but in the meantime I just fell in love with  making ornamental ceramics. About 20 years ago I was promoted the leader  of a ceramics department of a large factory which specialized in the  decoration of homes. We made up a product line so that the same motives  were seen in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Today I have the  same aims. My range of products involves tile stoves, antifreeze outside  ornamental pieces, building ceramics and other functional and  decorative ceramics.

I also made my longstanding, cherished  dream, a secession tile stove with a so called "hood-moulding". This was  the final result of two years work. As I looked around on the market I  found that this was not an existing thing so I made it. Patent is still  pending.

As you can also see it from the name of my company  "Sápy-Manufaktúra", what I want is not serial production but to make  unique pieces. It is me who makes the frames, it is me who produces the  whole thing and thus responsible for the absolute top quality. My  father-in-law is a tile stove builder so it is a family business, which  guarantees that you get the best customised to your very home.

The  secession tile stove is decorated by my colleague who learned painting –  and today is teaching painting - in Herend, the world famous ceramics  factory. So the paintings decorating the stove can be any colour as well  as gilded. We can also stand up to special requests such as monograms,  family coat-of-arms, and symbols, etc.

So far I have only  received praise and compliments but what I am the most proud of is that  old stove building dynasties highly acknowledged my “new” secession  stove.

Upon completing the secession stove I developed my new so called petal tile product line.

Mud  is my friend and I am so grateful that what we tread on every day can  be turned into such miracles as ornaments of public places and of homes  for decades and for centuries.

László Sápy
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